Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nice to be away from the bad ol USA

I'm writing from Costa Rica, spending a week here with the family.
Beside the fact that the beaches are breathtakingly beautiful, the water is bathtub warm, the food is fresh and delicious, the locals are friendly to a fault, the sun is shining, there are parrots and monkeys and butterflies flitting around outside our windows, the waves are perfect, and everyone you see seems to be taking part in an elaborate photo shoot of "the world's most beautiful, relaxed, and healthy people on earth."
Despite all that, what I love most about being here is that I am away from the sick, sad, dysfunctional country known as the USA. I'm away from the broken police state I live in and it feels so good. I can breathe, my shoulders are relaxing. There are hardly any cops around. The rules are there to keep things going, not to keep poor people from encroaching on the rights of the plantation masters like they are in the USA. The "freedom" we think we have in the US is such a load of donkey shit. We live in a dictatorship headed by a senile, evil clown and his soulless henchmen who are trying to knock down the last remaining supports to our rickety so-called Democracy before the people wake the fuck up and throw them all out or just drag them into the streets and cut their throats. This shit can't last.
In the meantime I'm having a lovely time in Central America, a place not usually known for its thriving democratic orders. But Costa Rica is doing just fine.

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