Thursday, February 7, 2013

Getting regular

I've decided to post an update every day about what i've done that day.

Today I rehearsed a Serge Gainsbourg song, "Je t'aime moi non plus," with my friend Elisabeth Cernadas, for a show she's doing February 13th with her band Les Bandits. I'm singing that song with her. It's a very naughty french song about sex. Perfect for Valentine's day. We dedicate it to all the lovers. I dedicate it to Chelsea.

After that, we went to a bar in Fort Greene, Die Schwartze Kolne, for a kids' playtime and beer drinking session. Here's a picture of all the kids and moms and nannies enjoying a Brooklyn afternoon with great beer and toys and a nice padded floor. I love Brooklyn. Vivienne and Jules made new friends as usual.

A thought about gun control

I recently subscribed to a conservative newsletter so I could see what the gun crazies in this country are thinking. For about six weeks, I was privy to the inside scoop from the right wing on everything from gun control to gay marriage to immigration to Obama's secret plot to destroy America. What I discovered when it came to gun control was that the radical wing of the American right actually, seriously believes that the US government, led by Barack Obama, is planning a "Kristalnacht" style, forceful take-over of its enemies, in which henchmen go door to door killing, abducting, and raping red-blooded patriots who don't support the Socialist agenda being diabolically hatched by the liberals. This is why the Second Amendment to the Constitution is so important to them, because it guarantees those patriots the right to remain heavily armed against the coming leftist, government-sponsored massacre of the innocents. They want to prevent the impending cultural revolution, in which the pure, American, capitalist enemies are slain and Chairman Obama is delivered the blood-soaked nation, transforming it into a hard-core, Marxist dictatorship.
OK, fine. However, there is one massive logical flaw to this scenario that I would like to point out. If Obama's government is planning to take over the nation, then why is he trying to shrink the military? If the danger is your own government, then why favor a stronger, better funded military? Why support more police? Wouldn't the more prudent policy be to completely disempower and dismantle the military, so the evil left-wing insurgents have no soldiers to attack you with? Wouldn't Obama wnat to beef up his military in preparation for his coup?
Whatever. When people are completely, certifiably insane, logic has no place. Gun control is happening. Obama won. This nation is slowly inching its way toward common sense and modernity. All the crazies can fester and rant and shoot each other in the ass at target practice...