Sunday, June 1, 2014

What the kids are saying now

Pony no!
baby panda eats leaves

Vivienne is really concerned with what Jules is doing. She wants to make sure he is taken care of. Whatever she has, she shares with him. It's so sweet it breaks mu heart.

Jules is extremely verbal. he has learned how to speak English the past two weeks and he makes complete sentences using complex verb noun agreements. "I wanna jump on the bed." "daddy, I want some water please." Daddy, can I have some more please. Where did mommy go? baby panda wanna eat flowers.

Some interesting linguistic observations: the word "my" substituted for "me" so they say "thats my's" instead of that's mine.

A lot of singing. Vivienne wants to hear the alphabet song "en franciais." And she can sing along with it.
They love some french songs like "La maman des poissons." and Fait dodo.
They know lots of words in french:
 Pantalon, chemise, poisson, c'est froid, chaussures. chausettes, doudou, dodo, tete, nez, pieds, bouche, ├ęcole, de l'eau, oiseau, le chat.

I should be teaching them more French and I feel bad about it. I guess it's making me realize that I'm losing touch with my french side and it's also so hard to talk to them in french all the time. I love French and it's so important to keep it up. But, they need some kind of context in which to speak it. Chelsea and I don't speak french at home so it doesn't make much sense to speak to the kids. But hey will be much better off if they learn it. I was SO lucky to have the upbringing I did.