Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Both kids are learning many many more words at an alarming rate. They seem to have mastered the English language and are working on French. They also have started playing with a made up language that is somewhere between their own twin language and a parody of French. They have very sophisticated comic timing and seem to always be making fun of us while also showering us with innocent love and adoration. We are getting the slightest inklings of what it will be like when they are only adversarial towards us. We are terrified of this but hopefully it won't be as bad as it seems. They are very sweet kids. But aren't they all?
They are saying things like"No Vivienne, you don't like Marmite, it's too salty. It's yucky for you!"
And Vivienne replies, "No Jules, it's not picky for me." Then Jules hits her in the head and says"I need a time out!"
Constant madcap drama. Tears and laughter and forgiveness and happiness at a break-neck speed. People without kids see the constant drama and always ask"what just happened? What's wrong??" with aloof of alarm and concern. And the answer is always "nothing, it will be OK in teen seconds." These kids are mercurial. Their moods change very rapidly. They are mostly happy. Or over-tired and weepy.