Saturday, April 7, 2012


My children are here. Vivienne and Jules. Born January 25th at 3:55AM and 3:58AM respectively. I had no idea being a father would be so much fun. Watching these little baby mammals grow and develop is the most fascinating science experiment known to man. They are here and they exist and they are taking their place on the planet and it is as if they have always been here. All the cliches are true. We look into their little glassy shark eyes and we are filled with so much love, it is as if our hearts will burst. We think they are the most beautiful creatures that ever existed. Our objectivity is out the window. We are extremely biased. It's ridiculous how much we love them.

So far, at almost three months old, here's what they are into: 1. Feeding (that is, drinking milk out of Chelsea's nipples.) 2. Sleeping. 3. Farting, pissing and shitting. 4. Crying. 5. Kicking their legs and arms out in random directions. 6. Peacefully looking out at the world and being cute. 
That's about it. But  it is, at this point, more than we could hope for. We are enthralled by every activity listed above.
Some interesting points about having twins are starting to come into play. They seem to be aware of each other in a very nonchalant way, more so than they are aware of the other people in their world. They are so aware of each other that they completely ignore each other, like you would ignore your left pinky or your eyebrows. They take each other for granted. And they have very distinct personalities. Jules is very laid back, very cool, slow, thoughtful, very existential. Vivienne is more physical and reactive. She cries much louder, she is more engaged with the world. This may all change. these are my observations as a father of three-month-olds. I basically feel like the luckiest man alive every day that i get to hang out with these two angels. I have season tickets to the petting zoo.