Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Drowning in your shallow blues

I wrote this song for the Bushwick Book Club, a musical book club where all the participants read a book and write a song about it and perform it in front of a live audience. This was originally inspired by the book Moby Dick, but then it became about the musician Moby, and then about DJ's in general. It was performed live on the Frying Pan, a boat/venue in NYC on May 5 2015.

What’s another name for Richard
Or another word for cock
Can you paint a mental picture
Of a dolphin playing rock?
Are you wild?
Are you wild?
Are you tame?
Will you hunt the deepest ocean? And the village record bins
Find a needle and go poke it in a fat and juicy fish
If you are a deep explorer, you must take it all the way
Don’t just be a vegetarian, be a vegan and press Play
Are you mild?
Are you wild?
Are you lame?
Producer, DJ, collage, or pastiche
Sailing on semantics by a rocky beach
Why do we still feed on Leviathan juice?
Why do we survive off what others produce?
I’m drowning in your shallow blues
Can you stop your blubbering, stop rehashing what’s been hashed
Some things just cannot be conquered, quit harpooning on the past
From the port-holes of Nolita, to the dives of Chinatown
You can carve a little tea room so the models can sit down
Built a solid reputation as an electro DJ
Spend your every waking moment seeking treasure in the waves
Are you mild?
Are you wild?
Are you tame?
Why do I care so much? What is it to me?
Why do I give a fuck? I need to get more sleep.