Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm a Socialist

I just spent two weeks in France with my wife and kids. I like life in France because it values lifestyle over money. The rich are not quite as rich, and everyone is better off. We all know that Europe is in trouble and that French-style socialism is a dying model, but I like it. Americans could stand to work a little less, pay some more taxes, and enjoy life. Really, what are we here for? The French had their revolution and they murdered the rich. The rich people in France know that you can only fuck the poor for so long before they rise up and slice off your head like a quiche. The rich of America don't really understand this yet. Their time will come.


Yesterday the NYPD reported that the shooting at 34th Street was not "terrorism-related." Whew! So far since 9-11 there have been exactly ZERO terrorism-related deaths in the US and about 343,000 gun-related deaths. Maybe we are chasing the wrong enemy?