Friday, March 7, 2014

War is Stupid

Violence is stupid. You have to decide if you are for violence or against it. You can't just "support our troops" because everyone says it's the right thing to do. If you think it would be a bad idea to kill someone, then you have to live by that premise. I take offense at the lazy, passive notion that it is OK to support killing in your name, as long as it is done by people you don't know, in countries you will never visit. Killing is disgusting. Armies are there to kill. War is about killing. If you don't want to kill people, then don't support war. I hate war, I hate killing, I hate guns, I hate violence.  I don't support any of those things. Our troops are in place because we live in a country that buys into the notion that the only way to stop war is to wage endless war. Bullshit. The only way to stop war is to stop fighting. Fuck war. I know I sound like a throwback from the 60's, like a stupid unwashed idealistic hippie. I don't care. I know deep down in my heart that killing is fucked up. Very few people have the misfortune of living through the act of killing. Very few people see death face to face. it is disgusting and sad. I have seen death face to face when I had to watch my mother die. Death sucks. Why are we so obsessed with death and killing in America? Are we really defending ourselves against attackers of our way of life? Wouldn't it be much more effective to set the example of being the country that hates war, hates death, hates killing? America freaks me out. The whole western world freaks me out. i need to live in Tibet or Antarctica or somewhere far away from all the little boys with their weapons and egos and pencil fights. Fuck war.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Things the kids are saying now

Alligator = elevator
Daddy loves coffee
No nuggles - no snuggles
Shubble - shovel
Ina do it - I want to do it
No daddy seeping - daddy don't sleep, wake up
Banky - blanket
Hibou - owl
Beffast - breakfast
Move it!
No biting
ABC song
Elmo song
Olicopter = helicopter
Whas dat?
Neenaw neenaw! - Pin pon pin pon!
(Imitating sound of a firetruck)
Beastie Boys!
Quack quack!