Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hairy Palms Part 1: Palm Springs

I went to Palm Springs for a three day bachelor party hangout for my friend James. Spent three days in the scorching sun with fifteen of my old pals from the homeland, California. Three days sitting by the pool drinking Tecate, swimming, bullshitting, feeling mellow in the 110 degree heat. It's amazing how easy it was to make decisions when it was a bunch of dudes just moving slowly.
I landed at John Wayne airport, which is in Costa Mesa, which is in the USA.


This was the MC at the tranny trivia night at the Ace Hotel.

Even more amazing was the fact that my friend Frank who lives in Zurich, Switzerland was in Palm Springs working on a journalism assignment, as was my good friend Christian from Brooklyn, both completely coincidentally. Good times!

This week

I was bumped from an elevator at Rockefeller Center by Richard Gere. I was working at a benefit for Meals on Wheels.
There were fifty NY restaurants set up with delicious food samples and Gere was one of the celebrity guests. As I was waiting for the elevator to take me down for the event, a nervous lady with a clipboard asked me if i could wait for the next elevator because she had "a VIP"' coming through. I said Ok and then Richard Gere pulled up in a car and came past me into the elevator, talking on his cell phone in all of his short,  white-haired splendor. I went down on the next elevator and then worked at the same event where Dicky Gere was hanging out schmoozing for the next two hours. I hope he enjoyed his private elevator ride.

A few days later, I shot Taylor Swift, some Australian model twins, Dita von Tease, and Dana Carvey at the Fragrance Foundation Awards at Alice Tully Hall.

Carvey was scrappy and funny. The crowd was totally against him but he kept swinging and made some really hilarious comments, including his impression of pompous French people. Considering that half the guests and honorees were French, it was pretty ballsy. He even did an Obama impression, reciting "Jack and Jill went up the hill," that was totally spot-on.

I also did a concert at Barbes with Andrew Hall and Alanna McDonald. It was a ripping power trio of French folk for the French folks.

And I worked on a video for my indiegogo campaign. I drove around under the BQE in a rain storm on my Vespa in the rain while Alessandro Rafanelli filmed me from the back of a car.
On the home front, Jules is going through a very tough time, asserting his will with some crazy tantrums and a lot of crying. Vivienne is very calm and happy. Their newest words are "I see you!" and "What's that?" They are tryin gto define their ever expanding world, and my heart just bursts every time I think of them. Pure Love.