Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happiness is Nice

I am the luckiest man in the world, my life is brimming with beauty and love and richness, I have all a man could want and then more. I truly do feel blessed beyond compare.
I also believe that any sane human being who sees the world as it truly is has to acknowledge the darkness. For some reason, I need to write all the shitty stuff down, like mental vomit, so I can move on and enjoy the good. I also need to catalog the sad and horrible truths of this world so I can continue to fight to improve the way this world is moving, in my own little way.
So here is a catalog of all that is wonderful in my life and all that is horrible in the world. I think any person faced with so much overwhelming advantage and privilege has to want to level the playing field, even the scales, and share the wealth. Any other response can only be called greed, avarice, or insanity.
Here's what I have going for me:
Beautiful, amazing children
A gorgeous and loving wife
A new dream house in the forest
A job that pays well and that I enjoy
Some really nice friends
An extended family that is involved in my life
A community of interesting and engaged fellow parents
A recording studio in Dumbo, filled with all kinds of great instruments
A pretty cool music career and some great musical collaborators
A Vespa GTS 300
A VW Passat wagon
And on and on and on…


Here are the shitty parts of life that keep me up at night. The darkness makes the light worth seeing. The darkness gives hue and heft to the light.

War in Africa
War in the middle east
War in Ukraine
Ongoing slavery all over the world
Famine and starvation
The mistreatment of children
The unneeded abuse of animals
Factory farming
Crappy drivers
People who litter
People who turn on the air conditioner at the same time as the heat (believe me, this happens every day in the event space I work in)
Guns and hunting
People who waste food

War is waged by kids

Right now our world seems to be infected by a critical mass of violent and destructive conflict. All of these conflicts seem to me to boil down to one problem; sexually repressed young people needing to find an outlet for their desire and being easily coerced to act violently. I truly believe that all wars on this beautiful and fucked up planet are caused by this problem. I'm reading a book called "All the Light We Can Not See" about the rise of Hitler and the occupation of France, and it just highlights the same pattern. The rise of a strong, compelling leader who channels the violent tendencies of disaffected youth. Cambodia, Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, The USA, it;s all the same. Violence is a natural out spring of the sexually frustrated. Give people other tools of expression: music, art, dance, poetry, literature, and of course, good old sex.