Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Can Outrun Your Gun

I can outrun your gun
Outwaddle your swaddle
I can outthink your violence
I can outlast your clamor
I can outsmart your loud
I can out silence your crowd
I can outsource your devices
I can outnice your macho
I can outfox your boss
Out toddle your milk bottle
I can outfield your dreams
I can outstand your sitter
I can outdistance your horizon
I can outscream your team
out lovely your ugly
out cute your malamute
I can outbreak your plague
Outshake your leg
outcrank your motor
Outrank your sergeant
Outwrangle your newfangled
Outpiss your sis
outspank your paddle
outflank your army
outshank your leg o lamb
outscramble your egg salad
out romance your power ballad
So sleep well my brother and mrs and mr.