Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Need For God

Your beauty shines from your becoming eyes
You see the world as it should be
Warm, abuzz, emerging, pure and bright
Before you there was nothing in your place
A miracle of science and nature
Two forces ruling, untouched
Copulating, to make love
And repopulate from above
Such molten generation abides no forgery
No need for crouching, ashamed and guilty on some musty pew
Dancing at the altar of a father figure forgotten and refracting infinitely
Whispering some latinate bargain
Before you there were billions, as after there will be
The truth is cruel and entropic
It lifts me and fills me with what you offer
Every new day
Your breathing burning vulnerable perfection

Monday, May 28, 2012

More Love

I am madly in love with my twins. I know there is very little literary merit in a new father raving about his newborns, so I will just do it once and get over it and maybe write about other stuff. But let me just say this now: My children are so beautiful. They are pure potential, pure innocence, pure sweetness and light. Jules the boy, Jukes julio juju jujube, and Vivienne, vivvi, vivika. My loves. I love them so much, I love them completely. They are perfect. They are wonderful, they are better than me, they are simply the best. This post will be dated, but my children will endure. Everyone should experience this kind of extremely biased love. I love them. I love love love love them for ever ever ever ever.
OK, there, thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

My babies, my loves
I ceased to exist when you showed up
That tiwtchy guitarist, that lonely mutt
He faded away in the floodlights
My babies, my dear ones,
All the drama, all the punch
The wretching the ego the ache
The twitching the burning, the fake
I put it on the shelf for you
My babies my angels
I started to see when you opened your eyes
A real twist in the story
A harder won glory
You opened your tiny hands
You cried like all the birds in flight
On all the oceans lit by moolight
My beating heart just got its start
My babies my beauties
I never knew pain
I never knew love
I never knew the fear of loss
The morning sun shakes me awake
Into a close and private pool of bliss
I lift you sofly to my lips
Your scent is of the soft and perfect future
So nice to finally meet you