Monday, April 1, 2013

Singing in French / Evil Right Wing D-bag

As you may know, I translate Georges Brassens into English for my project, Bad Reputation. But I recently decided it would be fun to record French versions of some of the songs. Here they are on my Soundcloud page.

And here's a picture of this evil shitface named Steven Milloy speaking at an event at the Harvard Club. I was the cameraman on this job and I had to listen to him talk out of his ass for forty-five minutes about how there is no such thing as climate change and how liberals have invented every environmental problem there is to further their Socialist agenda. He has a website called "JunkScience" where he uses fake science to debunk actual scientific theories that get in the way of the right wing, Capitalist agenda. He is a very dangerous, ignorant, and immoral person. He got his start being paid by Philip Morris to help them lie about the effects of cigarette smoking. Keep your eye on him.