Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Kids this week

August 2014:

We tried to get Vivienne to stop saying Jesus, teaching her to say "Jeez Louise" instead, but she started saying "Jesus Louise!"
Groovy buttom = groovy button
No budgies = no veggies
Viv - "I'm so owie!" and "
Something's ouching me!" = I have a booboo.
Shobbel = shovel
I'm peeping = I'm going peepee
Bandy = bandaid

June / July 2014:

Grammatical switch - "My's" means mine
Counting to 5
Jules saying "we want"
Saying "help me"
Grammatical switch - "Daddy want drive car.  Daddy want go outside" (Means I want Daddy to drive.)
Vivienne discovers colors (purple and blue)
Vivienne knows the letter A
Jules understands the number zero (confuses it with letter O)
Jules extremely willful and destructive
Jules : Fuck, shit, Jesus

Playing with Legos, I say "I have an idea!" The kids pick up on this and say,"I have an idea too, it's right here!" As they pick up a piece. Then they look in the box for more and say, "I'm looking for an idea, I'm gonna put it on the car!" They find a piece and say"I got an idea right here!"