Sunday, February 14, 2016

Scalia died suddenly tonight. Awesome!!

Tonight, as I write this, on the night of February 13, 2016, I have just learned that Antonin Scalia died suddenly. My immediate reaction is one of jubilation. I am so glad that man is dead, eleven months before the end of Obama's term as President and in the middle of this weird campaign for the next President of the United States.
I am going to let my mind wander on this blog and let my thoughts run like a runny shit into the toilet or like a scared salamander into a crack under the basement.
First, let me repeat what I often say: The USA is one of the few countries in the world that doesn't have an actual name. "The United States of America" is a description that is actually false. We are far from united. Our unity is imposed by a federal government but we have completely different viewpoints and goals and values. Most people would agree that there are two or three or six or forty eight different USA's that could live very happily independently of each other. "America" refers to the entire continent and it underscores our arrogance when we erroneously use it to describe our nation.

I saw Scalia speak at an event at the University Club. It must have been around 2003. It was private lunch for about 100 people. It was right after Dick Cheney had shot his friend in the face when they were out hunting, and Scalia was present at the hunting party. Scalia gave a speech and then did a Q&A. Everyone in the audience lobbed him some partisan conservative softballs, until suddenly there was a question from a journalist from the "liberal elite." Possibly a writer for the New Yorker, I don't remember. He asked Scalia about his association with Cheney and if it constituted a conflict of interest. Scalia did not even answer the question, he just shouted the man down saying "I already answered that, you have no right to ask me that." The journalist kept pressing him but Scalia would not answer him. He just used his position at the mic to shut the guy down. I understand the need to shut hecklers down, and I've done it many times myself. But Scalia was an evil, backwards, shortsighted, fat, pencil-dick, ugly fuckface. I'm so glad he's dead. I will never pretend he was good for America. People who forget how evil Bush, Reagan, Cheney, and the whole crew were just because they get old and make some money should be ashamed of themselves.
I make more money than I ever thought I would. I'm still a lefty pinko liberal bleeding heart socialist. To be anything else is called SELLING OUT. Shame on you for being right wing. I don't care how much money you make. Being right wing means you are either stingy or you believe in the comic book. Shame on you. The only way out is to help each other. Did I mention I'm so glad Scaly Tony is dead? Lots of good people die and it is very sad, but when a bad person is a position of power dies it is a very very good thing. YAY! Short live ugly Tony the fat fuckface!
Now Obama needs to pick a new Supreme Court Justice and try to pass it by the pack of slimy warthogs in Congress before he leaves office. I know Barry can do it, he is one slick dude. This is the nail in the coffin for the OLD WAY. You are dead and dying, you old fat fuckers. Don't let the door hit you...

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